C.A.R.E. Ministry





When people walk in our doors, we want them to encounter Jesus!
We have three teams within this ministry that serve towards that goal.


Our purpose is to create a welcoming and worshipful
environment to help people connect with Jesus.


The Communion Team prepares the elements before each Sunday Service and takes care of them afterwards. As they prepare the elements, they also take time to pray for those that will take communion during the service.


The Decor Team prepares a worshipful environment with the use of visual arts and decor. For each season of the year, they take time to pray for an artistic direction for Outreach Center's decor. Their goal is to help people turn their focus towards God  and help them enter a state of praise and thanksgiving.


The Welcome Team greets people with a warm, cheerful welcome every Sunday morning before the service. They offer help with information or directions attendees and visitors need to know as they arrive.  They also work to connect people with the multiple ministries available in our fellowship.
Are you interested in joining our C.A.R.E. Ministry Team?
Reach out to our church office.