Set Apart for Prayer

Several years ago, Don Leetch & Dean Kerns, founders of Outreach Center, had a vision of building a place that would be set apart and used solely for the purpose of prayer and meditating on the word of God. In 1991, that dream became a reality with the construction of two prayer cottages!

Both cottages are nestled back in the wooded area adjoining the church property, so quietness and solitude are easily found. Each cottage is a one-room kitchenette with a separate bathroom that sleeps 3-4 adults. It can be
reserved on an hourly or per night basis. There is no charge for using the cottage; however, we encourage donations to help with upkeep and maintenance. A prayer trail is also available for use. This ¾ mile loop begins just outside the cottages and leads you through the natural Ozark terrain. Wooden signs with scripture line the trail.

Interested in using one of the Prayer Cottages?
Contact the Church Office: