Prayer Cottages

About the

Set Apart For Prayer

Several years ago, Don Leetch & Dean Kerns, founders of Outreach Center, had a vision of building a place that would be set apart and used solely for the purpose of prayer and meditating on the word of God. In 1991, that dream became a reality with the construction of two prayer cottages.
Cottage A and Cottage B are nestled back in the wooded area adjoining the church property, so quietness and solitude are easily found. Each cottage is a one-room kitchenette with a separate bathroom that can sleep up to 4 adults. They both include private decks looking out into the surrounding forest.
A Prayer Hiking Trail is also available for use. This ¾ mile loop begins just outside the cottages and leads you through the natural Ozark terrain. Wooden signs with scripture line the trail.  This beautiful trail is frequently used by the surrounding communities.

How it works

Plan a Visit

Both cottage A and B can be reserved on an hourly or per night basis for up to two nights in a row. There is no charge for using the cottages; however, we encourage donations to help us with the upkeep and maintenance.

Take Your Time

Cottage A and B have similar furnishings, but are unique in their own feel. Take your time to relax, meditate on God's word and seek out His answers for you.

It's important to note that the use of these cottages are set aside specifically for the act of prayer and meditation and should not be used for 'vacation time'.

Share Your Story

Each cottage is stocked with various journals and writing supplies for you to document your stay and any testimonies you would like to share with other visitors. We also encourage you to read past visitors' stories.

When preparing to leave, we ask that you complete a cleaning checklist before checking out of your cottage.

The Details

The Prayer Cottages are supported solely by generous donations from those who come to visit.  The monies received cover the upkeep and maintenance costs of each cottage.  Would you prayerfully consider making a donation to help with this ministry?  100% of your donation will go directly to the Prayer Cottage Ministry.
Please…Read this before your time of prayer.
1. This prayer cottage is set aside for prayer, solitude, meditation, and getting alone with God.  Please do not use it for a family retreat, recreation or social gatherings.
2. PLEASE do not drive your vehicle down to the prayer cottage.  Park by the duplex or the church building and walk.  A flashlight is advisable for walking to the cottages after dark.
3. Pets are not allowed – please do not bring them.
4. The books in the cottage are for use during your stay.  Please leave them for others.  Also, we ask that you do not leave your own literature or books.
5. If there is a maintenance problem or if you have any questions, please contact the church office.
6. We are a tobacco and alcohol free campus.  We ask for your cooperation while you are in or on the property.

Accessing the Prayer Cottage
The Prayer Cottage is equipped with a keyless entry door lock for your protection.  You will be given an access code.  This code is your private code and is only valid for the time period you are scheduled to be at the cottage.
The door will automatically lock from the outside every time it is closed.  If you need to leave the cottage for any reason, please take the access code with you—it’s the only way to get back in!

Cleaning up
Our cottages are used frequently, and we depend on each visitor to help keep maintenance costs down.  Please complete this checklist to prepare the cottage for our next guest.
  • Vacuum carpet. (Vacuum cleaner is stored in closet)
  • Smooth beds.
  • Please be sure the thermostat is set to COOL/AUTO at 80° during summer months or set to HEAT/AUTO at 55° during winter months.
  • Sweep the kitchen floor.
  • Clean the sink, stove top, counter, microwave, and table. (Cleaning supplies  are located under the kitchen sink.)
  • Remove your food items from the refrigerator.
  • Leave used dish towels  & cleaning cloths draped over the bucket under the kitchen sink.
  • Remove all trash when you leave.  Extra garbage bags are located in the kitchen cabinets next to the garbage can.  Deposit trash in the container next to the playground area as you exit.
  • Clean tub & shower with cleaner and rinse well.
  • Clean sink, faucet, and commode with cleaner.
  • Clean mirror with Windex.
  • Sweep the floor.
Please deposit your registration card as well as any donation you’d like to give in the box next to the side entrance door of the church.